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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Phillip Island Wildlife Park...

A few days ago we spent the morning at Phillip Island Wildlife Park, while the park itself appears to be pretty run down on first appearance most importantly the animals are certainly well cared for! Perhaps the unique quality that sets this wildlife sanctuary apart from all the other hundreds in Australia is the close encounters that every visitor gets with the animals. From Kangeroos, Wombats, Wallabies, Emus and ducks you can feed them all! Perhaps one of my favourite experiences of Australia so far is hand feeding the's certainly was a once in a life time opportunity! Unfortunately, it looks like they have recently been hit by a massive flood and I think they could definitely use every visitor they can get. They also have a shop so if you want to show your support for Australian animals I'm sure they would appreciate the support! 

It was clear, however, that some people didn't respect the animals - infact we saw one group letting the emus out of there pens. However, if you let the animals lead the way they will soon surround you...

Definitely wanted to take the dingo pup home with me! 

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