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Monday, 30 September 2013

Unnecessary stationary buying...

As I still have 5 months left in Australia there are definitely somethings I don't need to be spending my money on, such as, stationary! Yet, over the past week I seem to have felt the need to buy folders, my 2014 diary, pens, cards and notebooks. This is partly thanks to my stationary obsession and partly down to discovering an Australian stationary shop, Typo! While some of the things Typo sells are a little hit and miss the majority of their items are great - I've had to be saved from buying loads of things from paperclips, paper lanterns to a chalkboard. Why I would need to own a chalkboard in Australia is beyond me but it was so pretty! Here are a few snaps of my favourite purchases from Typo so far... 

I did actually need these cards, promise!!

I would love to run away to Paris and live on love and Macaroons! 

Sean was definitely not going to get me out of the shop till I brought this! 

My only issue now? Getting these back to England with minimal damage! 



  1. I LOVE that Paris folder! Glad you're having an amazing time :) xx

    1. As soon as I saw it I wanted it! You'd love this shop xx