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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Koala cuddles...

Yesterday we got to cuddle Koalas! I was so excited when we got to Port Douglas wildlife habitat and saw that you could have a photo holding a Koala. Queensland is the only state in Australia where you are allowed to hold Koalas and that's not going to be for long as they are changing their rules on the handling of Koalas! When you're near koalas you realise that while they might look adorable they actually really smelly but they are so cuddly you really couldn't care less.... 


  1. I am loving your dimples!! They're definitely my fav! You look like you're both having an amazing time and I can't wait til you're back and we can sit by the fire, with a glass of wine and you can tell me all about it! Love you and miss you! xxxx

  2. That's amazing, koalas are so cute - you and Sean look like proud parents in that last photo :P Glad you're having an incredible time! xxxx

    1. They are cute but absolutely stink!! Miss you xx