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Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Yesterday we went to Tjapukai's aboriginal centre. Tjapukai are just one of twenty aboriginal tribes of the rainforest of the cairns region. Each tribe is unique with their customs, language and traditions and what we learnt about was purely the Tajapukai's history. When we arrived we went straight into a journey of the Dideridoo, leaning how they are made and how they can be used too. Afterwards we watched a video on the treatment of aboriginals when the Eurpean settlers came over, there is only one word for the contents of this video, horrific! Besides completely taking over their land forcing aboriginals to become savages I'm their own homes, as well as using them as slaves, they also used to treat the murdering of aboriginals as a bit of a game! After the video we were ushered to do some Boomerang and Spear throwing, it was great fun even if we both were hopeless! We then went and watched a dance show, were we were asked to help them start a fire, needless to say we were also quite hopeless at that and it wasn't long before we were sent back to our seats to watch them do it properly!  Then came my favourite part of the day...a Dideridoo lesson! I, again, was completely hopeless, however, Sean was great managing to actually make proper sounds! Overall, it was a great day out and it was so interesting to learn about some aboriginal history.

Sorry about the awful photo quality it was really dark inside the building!

This map represents all the aboriginal tribes in Australia!

Charlie xo

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