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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Fraser Island

This week we are spending the week in another campervan, heading North from Brisbane. The first two campervans were fun, however, that fun is now running out - we are tired, fed up of the boiling heat and the lifestyle that comes with living in a car. When you're feeling fed up it makes it hard not to imagine how much easier it would be to just go home. We've had a few of these moments since arriving in Australia, however, they never normally last as we then do something amazing or see something breathtaking and it makes us remember just how lucky we are to be doing what we're doing. Yesterday was on of these moments! We went across to Fraser Island, which the aboriginals call K'Gari meaning paradise and paradise it was *cheesy*! It is the largest sand Island in the world which makes it incredible that it has so much vegetation! We got picked up at 7.30am in a 4WD and headed towards the Fraser ferry, which once we were at sea became surrounded by jellyfish - apparently these ones were pretty harmless but it was still incredible. When we finally got to Fraser Island we headed along the beach and then inland to a gorgeous lake. As the drive was all on sand it was incredibly bumpy - I'm definitely not a fan of driving on sand! Lake Mckenzie was stunning, the water was so transparent and refreshing after the 30 degree heat. After a quick dip and sunbathe we headed back to the tour guide who had been busy BBQing steaks, prawns and various other yummies. After filling up on steak and salad we headed back towards the beach on another bumpy track. We took in an old shipwreck and saw sand dunes with their various coloured sands, before heading to a creek for a paddle and afternoon tea and cake. Then it was time to head home along the beach when someone called out "there is a Dingo!" We saw a dingo and a couple of pups - there really is something incredible about seeing animals in the wild. We headed back home on the ferry watching the afternoon sun setting thinking how fantastic the day had been, when all of a sudden a dolphin came out of the water (I promise I'm not making this up)! It was incredible, unfortunately I didn't get a photo as it happened too quickly but it really was the perfect end to the perfect day! 

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